The Cafeteria open daily
during the summer

The Cafeteria

The Cafeteria is open during the summer time. The Cafeteria also function as the camping areas reception. Cafeteria is open from Sun-Tue from 10 Am to 8 Pm, Wed-Thu from 10 Am to 9 Pm and on Fri-Sat from 10 Am to 24 Pm
Inside thee cafeteria about 30 customers can be seated at a time, while the roofed, dog-friendly terrace outside the cafeteria can seat about 50 customers at a time.

The customers can enjoy a cup of coffee, coffee breads, grill food and other hot snacks, regular kiosk-supplies (candies etc) and of course all kinds of cold beverages including alcohol. The cafeteria has been issued with the mandatory liquor-license.

While the sun is setting the guests can listen to good music while they sing a long to a karaoke-song or, if they choose to do so, dance the night away.

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